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I'll start with what Iv'e done to Mickey (as in Mickey Mouse, with the round mirrors).

All lit up with LED Tie downs and 4.5 watt brake lights mounted to the tag and shortened rear blinkers. A+

Storage, cyclerack, crappy tank bag and a tank saddle bag. B-

Comfort, Seat Concepts, gripper top. B+

Carb., Procycle kit with the recommended jet and spacer, A+

Handle bar risers, 1.6'' cheap Amozon stuff, A+

Tires, or rather front tire I went with the Pirelli MT21 140/80. I'm having a love hate thing with this tire, in soft to hard dirt, it will steer you up and out of a rut, keep you on the ridge between two ruts and does all of this very well at 25psi and still go down the road. Mud and loose, large gravel are a different story, at 10psi, yes just 10 (very strong sidewals) it tends to out preform the rear tire. When I had the death wing on, I face planted twice in the mud, with MT21 I have slid out once and got stuck once, just going up some slick stuff.

So, I guess after all the typing, my question is, should I go with an ATV rear, and what gearing would I use to maintain 55 up mild hills?

A few more pics on the way

I know somewhere in this I left out some important info, just ask and I'll try to answer. DSCN3222.JPG DSCN3223.JPG DSCN3224.JPG DSCN3226.JPG DSCN3227.JPG
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