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They are legal. For off road use. Stock exhaust.
Besides, you are only illegal if you are stopped and cited. I consider myself undocumented at worst. Remember, this is California and I identify as Hispanic, an ethnicity, not a race. If you live the lifestyle, then it's an ethnicity and I enjoy taco Tuesday.
Here I was thinking about entering for November. But jimney crickets, after reading Ski Pro’s response I am having an epiphany of Devine scale that’s just too rocking of my world to contemplate a cycle event. I just realized I am Asian, Hispanic, Native AND of European ethnicity (multiples of ethnicities and thus actually of diminished euro-Caucasian stock.) Seriously. I ain’t poking fun at Pro; this is going to be great when I have to check the (a) box on this subject. Around here we have a Sunday standard (Italian), a Tuesday standard (it’s TX so it’s Mexican, tacos and all), Thursdays (Thai), Fridays ( BBQ), and Saturdays (Plaines meats). Mondays are open and we live dangerously those days with no plans! I have plenty of documents so I can’t say I am undocumented however. That’s too political anyway. I am sticking with the rest of this however.

I love it!🥰
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