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1987 and 2009 TW200's
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Here, for you consideration, is my entry for November, 2022 Bike of the Month!

1987 with 4100 miles, proudly wearing the Black Widow colorway.
15 X 44 Sprockets
Wide footpegs.
ProCycle Hi mount front fender, with slightly trimmed Acerbis Supermoto fender
Double stacked Kemimoto 30mm bar risers, topped with Tusk ATV "Hi" Handlebars, for a total increase in bar height of 5"
Homemade seat cover, to accomodate 2.5" of added high density seat foam.
Kenda K270 font tire.
Modified Ricochet skid plate (cut off the rear 1/2 to reduce reflected engine noise)
I love looking at this thing as much as I love riding it. It's been a great tool for exploring the Sonoran desert terrain around our central Arizona winter headquarters.

Hope you like it!
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