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This is my 2021 with 1500 miles.
she has:
jimbo wind screen
ricochet skid plate
bar risers
acerbis hand guards
cycle racks rear rack
xring chain
hi flow air filter
LED front light
front fender riser
44 th rear sproket
led all around
numerous storage bags
shinko244 not installed yet
thats it for now I think.
I love this bike because I feel safe and its alot of fun. It cruises really well with the 44 tooth gear and can still easily climb a 65 degree hill in 2nd AND CRUISE COMFORTABLY AT 65 View attachment 231667 . I COULD have bought any bike in the show room but the donkey was begging to be bought. Its a great first bike and last bike. Im 52 years old and ill probably ride this till im 80. God willing. I also love our communityno great bunch of guys and girls. Mobstreet , tdubs kid, hurt 1, and many others on you tube have been great for hours of entertainment.
View attachment 231669
Nice bike! Welcome to the forum.
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