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I'm attaching 3 photos of the bike and 1 of my thumb with the bike covered in snow in the background. (Since you can't actually see bike through the snow, I'm not counting that one as one of my three...)
All photos are recent, taken at the October Moab rally. (Except the snow photo, taken on the way home from Moab)
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My mods are extensive and I doubt this list is all inclusive.
kick stand - XT225 installed
tank - XT225 lined and instaled
petcock - XT225
fuel cap - mod to remove key lock
tail light assy - replaced with LED
front fender and bracket - removed and installed tall fender
skid plate - removed and installed Richochet
clutch springs -removed and replaced w/stronger springs
chain - removed and replaced with DID x-ring
rear turn signals - removed and replaced with LED off eBay
front turn signals - removed and replaced iwth LED off eBay
forks reflectors - removed
seat cover/pad - installed
bar risers - installed
pilot screw adjuster
pilot screw
folding mirrors
front tire
foot pegs
tire sealant
pilot jet from 31 to 34
LED headlight
carb needle shims installed
Quick release seat bolts/pins
Jimbo Shield
Folding shift lever
service manual
rear brake arm
LED flasher relay
LED dash lights
Tank decal
Mirror screw adaptors
oil filters
Irridium spark plug
Manrack rear rack
Kick start
Bark busters
LIFo Battery
Pro taper grips
Grip heaters
Tach/hour meter
Stainless pipe
gun scabbard
folding brake peddle
battery charger
shorty clutch and front brake levers
rear ATV wheel assembly w/tire
Custom CDI
Extended swingarm
13 tooth CS sprocket and gasket
55 tooth rear sprocket
light switch mount w/volt meter and switches
oil drain plug
carb gasket
spare carb
dash LED bulbs
tie down w/lights
stainless steel braided brake line.
TTR225 motor

The favorite aspect of my TW is that it will go nearly anywhere I point it and it's introduced me to several new friends.
beautiful bike

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This is my 2021 with 1500 miles.
she has:
jimbo wind screen
ricochet skid plate
bar risers
acerbis hand guards
cycle racks rear rack
xring chain
hi flow air filter
LED front light
front fender riser
44 th rear sproket
led all around
numerous storage bags
shinko244 not installed yet
thats it for now I think.
I love this bike because I feel safe and its alot of fun. It cruises really well with the 44 tooth gear and can still easily climb a 65 degree hill in 2nd AND CRUISE COMFORTABLY AT 65
Water Tire Wheel Sky Cloud
. I COULD have bought any bike in the show room but the donkey was begging to be bought. Its a great first bike and last bike. Im 52 years old and ill probably ride this till im 80. God willing. I also love our communityno great bunch of guys and girls. Mobstreet , tdubs kid, hurt 1, and many others on you tube have been great for hours of entertainment.
Tire Wheel Plant Motorcycle Automotive tire


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They are legal. For off road use. Stock exhaust.
Besides, you are only illegal if you are stopped and cited. I consider myself undocumented at worst. Remember, this is California and I identify as Hispanic, an ethnicity, not a race. If you live the lifestyle, then it's an ethnicity and I enjoy taco Tuesday.
I identify as a cat in communist NY

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Wow, where do you ride where can you find a 65 degree slope? That is more than a 175% grade, or 1 ft rise for less than approximately every 0.6 ft forward.
Best I've even done on a sustained climb is about mid-80 % grade near top of this 90% slope and that is with 13x55 sprockets and an atv tire.
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Perhaps author meant a 65% grade, which equates to a bit more than a 31 degree slope.
ya what you said

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Apologies for teasing you ak47man73 about misuse of units. Just that bad stuff can happen when we don't pay attention to the units we use. For example we Americans are very good at screwing up imperial and metric units getting Boo-boos like the Air Canada flight that ran out of fuel halfway between Montreal and Edmonton over Gimli Manitoba in 1983 or the Mars Climate Orbiter that made planetfall rather than orbiting Mars in 1999.
funny i just watched apollo 13 last night units def matter lol
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