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I'm attaching 3 photos of the bike and 1 of my thumb with the bike covered in snow in the background. (Since you can't actually see bike through the snow, I'm not counting that one as one of my three...)
All photos are recent, taken at the October Moab rally. (Except the snow photo, taken on the way home from Moab)
Tire Sky Cloud Wheel Plant

Tire Sky Wheel Cloud Mountain

Sky Wheel Tire Vehicle Automotive tire

Tire Wheel Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive tire

My mods are extensive and I doubt this list is all inclusive.
kick stand - XT225 installed
tank - XT225 lined and instaled
petcock - XT225
fuel cap - mod to remove key lock
tail light assy - replaced with LED
front fender and bracket - removed and installed tall fender
skid plate - removed and installed Richochet
clutch springs -removed and replaced w/stronger springs
chain - removed and replaced with DID x-ring
rear turn signals - removed and replaced with LED off eBay
front turn signals - removed and replaced iwth LED off eBay
forks reflectors - removed
seat cover/pad - installed
bar risers - installed
pilot screw adjuster
pilot screw
folding mirrors
front tire
foot pegs
tire sealant
pilot jet from 31 to 34
LED headlight
carb needle shims installed
Quick release seat bolts/pins
Jimbo Shield
Folding shift lever
service manual
rear brake arm
LED flasher relay
LED dash lights
Tank decal
Mirror screw adaptors
oil filters
Irridium spark plug
Manrack rear rack
Kick start
Bark busters
LIFo Battery
Pro taper grips
Grip heaters
Tach/hour meter
Stainless pipe
gun scabbard
folding brake peddle
battery charger
shorty clutch and front brake levers
rear ATV wheel assembly w/tire
Custom CDI
Extended swingarm
13 tooth CS sprocket and gasket
55 tooth rear sprocket
light switch mount w/volt meter and switches
oil drain plug
carb gasket
spare carb
dash LED bulbs
tie down w/lights
stainless steel braided brake line.
TTR225 motor

The favorite aspect of my TW is that it will go nearly anywhere I point it and it's introduced me to several new friends.

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Jerry, I believe we're only supposed to list the "Legal Modifications to your vehicle" :giggle:
They are legal. For off road use. Stock exhaust.
Besides, you are only illegal if you are stopped and cited. I consider myself undocumented at worst. Remember, this is California and I identify as Hispanic, an ethnicity, not a race. If you live the lifestyle, then it's an ethnicity and I enjoy taco Tuesday.

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"twas teasing you about the ever so popular ATV tire conversion and how the 7 cut and paste rules copied from some other automobile forum don't seem really necessary. It is the spirit of sharing appreciation for one's bike that counts.
I love your post and vote for you even though you didn't adhere to rules 1& 2 but gave a great response to rule #4. :giggle: (y)
You ought to enter your Gismo bike. I swear that is the ugliest bike I've ever seen that still runs. Reminds me of a long dead fish washed up on the shore of some stream. Ha! And it smells....

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Here I was thinking about entering for November. But jimney crickets, after reading Ski Pro’s response I am having an epiphany of Devine scale that’s just too rocking of my world to contemplate a cycle event. I just realized I am Asian, Hispanic, Native AND of European ethnicity (multiples of ethnicities and thus actually of diminished euro-Caucasian stock.) Seriously. I ain’t poking fun at Pro; this is going to be great when I have to check the (a) box on this subject. Around here we have a Sunday standard (Italian), a Tuesday standard (it’s TX so it’s Mexican, tacos and all), Thursdays (Thai), Fridays ( BBQ), and Saturdays (Plaines meats). Mondays are open and we live dangerously those days with no plans! I have plenty of documents so I can’t say I am undocumented however. That’s too political anyway. I am sticking with the rest of this however.

I love it!🥰
Yeah, some time ago, when I was working for the electric company, they had an affirmative action plan that required the employee demographics reflect the community they serve. Their goal was to match the percentages of races, genders and ethnicities of the community but they didn't stipulate JUST those things. Me and my big mouth, I piped up at the all hands meeting that in order to meet their goal of matching the demographics of the community, we needed to hire 1 out of three with a criminal record and 15% need to be felons. You could'a heard a pin drop until the linemen started hooting and hawing. Ha! Yeah, I'm a hoot!
But I digress. When the company decided to shut down it's nuke plant, they were going to have massive layoffs based on seniority. But this was going to chop a lot of their affirmative action employees, so they got loose with job titles and descriptions in order to keep the demographics they wanted and can the old white dudes, as it were. But I had already put in my employee file that I was Hispanic, an ethic group that they had as protected.
Not sure I've said this enough, but dang I sure am glad I am retired and I bet they are too. Ha!
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