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Hello Everyone,

I recently joined the forum. I picked up my new 2022 in October and have put on 250 miles riding around southeast Michigan. Pretty much stock so far except I have ordered the Ricochet skid plate and haven't put it on yet. I also added some 67 Designs bar mounts for my phone & gopro.

There are many Tdub aspects that I like, but I'm most excited about its ability to go "bushwhacking" and moto camping. I'm waiting for my hitch carrier to arrive and will be doing a lot of trips next year to the Manistee, Huron, and Hiawatha National Forests (all in Michigan). Locally I pretty much try to stay off payment and explore the backroads which has been pretty fun. I don't think most people around here expect to see a motorcycle cruising down dirt roads so I get some looks sometimes. I've decided to become a "barn hunter" on my back road voyages and I plan to take a picture in front of every one I find in the area; just a personal game for fun.

Enjoy the pics!

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oohhh I hate to see a perfectly good motorcycle on a trailer ......
Even if it is a REALLY nice trailer
God gave them an engine for a reason ...
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