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2019 TW200
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2019 TW200
Bought new to me in 2021
Been wanting one of these for several years
My first motorcycle
Modifications since purchase
  • LED Headlight
  • Cycleracks Rear & Front with side supports
  • Doubletake “indestructible” adventure mirror set
  • Headlight guard grate
  • Anti-Gravity ATZ-7-RS Lithium Battery with Comfort Indicator
  • New ProTaper Pillowtop grips
  • License plate silicone frame and reflectors
  • Seat cushion
  • Jimbo Shield
  • Upgraded/wider rider footpegs
  • Aluminum chain guard
  • Shinko 241 front tire
  • Ricochet Skid Plate

Modifications by previous owner
  • ProTaper riser handlebar
  • Acerbis Handguards

love this bike. Best thing so far was having a weekend with all my siblings, and only my siblings, for the first time ever. We camped and rode around in the Utah landscape all weekend. I only dropped my bike 3 times and only broke one signal bulb!! This bike is a goat!

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