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Oakland Motorcycle Club (any TW's?)

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Took quads for nice scenic ride around Indian Valley Reservoir (Northern California) on sunday. Weather was perfect! Saw at least 75 big dual sports ride by us. Quite a few of them were having fun with a creek crossing. We stopped to watch/chat for a few and I asked what club they were in. He said it was their 20th year of the club so must be a different club then the one I found online that said "Since 1907". Didn't see any Tw's. Any members here in that club?
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I lost count of how many and guessed at 75. Some of them were going quite fast. The dust was annoying so we parked and ate lunch by the creek and watched them go over a bridge. The yellow (mustard plants?) on the nearby hills were amazing. Forgot my camera this trip so no pics. The guy I was talking to said something about 20 years. Maybe of the SheetIron 300?
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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