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Hi every one! This is on a 2000 Tdubb.
So....I have an odd carb problem. I will pull it off soon, and go though it carefully, but looking for
any quick advice.
I pulled the carb to clean it due to it being varnished up a little, and must not have assembled something correctly.
It starts and idles pretty darn good, and it runs 1/2 to full throttle pretty darn good, but it HATES 1/4 throttle, sounding kind of like it's not hitting on all cylinders!
Really! That's what it SOUNDS like!
My idea is, diaphragm or jet needle incorrectly assembled?
Its not a clogged jet, and the mixture needle is 3 turns out.
The bike always ran well before this...
Thanks everybody!
RicklesssSin Oregon
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