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OEM Gas Tank + Cap

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I don't know the full story about this tank as I am the 3rd owner of my 2000 TW200. What I do know is I went to buy the bike and had the owner start it up and ride it around. After he finished I noticed some clear fluid leaking from under the tank. The owner's father said it was probably water from it being stored under a cover outside. I put my finger in it and said no that's gas. I looked at the tank and it looks like someone tried to use some type of epoxy to seal the exterior and then painted it white. I told him if he got a new tank and installed it as well as a title for it that I would buy the bike. So he bought a new Clarke tank and a title so I got my TW in the spring of 2011. I assume the tank would probably need to be sealed from the inside and there are a number of sealing products out there for this purpose. POR15 is a sealing product for motorcycle fuel tanks . I have used this product on a rototiller fuel tank and it worked like a charm. I tested the tank and found the hole (see last photo). I don't have a petcock to be able to really seal up the bottom and make sure there are no additional leaks but the one I found would need to be sealed. A new OEM tank goes for $445 (+ $73 for the OEM gas cap) and a new Clarke tank assembly goes for $218.

I am thinking $40 + shipping for the tank only. The OEM gas cap is sold so it would need a cap. You could easily get a cap and disable the locking mechanism as others have done here and you wouldn't need a key ( ).


leaking area next to black mark...
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I know this is an old thread, but do you still have the tank? If so, I'm interested
Werloc's got one:

It's as clean as they come. Like new and in perfect condition.
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