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EDIT: Odometer assembly was plug and play. I have aftermarket blinkers that are the culprit for the blinkers not working. That is the next problem to trouble shoot.

I have a 2000 TW200 that I bought with no odometer/speedometer assembly. I thought it would be a pretty easy fix to buy a used OEM odometer/speedometer assembly to plug and play. I took the front of the bike apart where the assembly would attach and took a look at the wiring available, and it doesn't look like it will be as simple as just plugging it in. There is some extra wiring that I am not sure what it is for and I am a complete newbie when it comes to wiring. I did find an old article that said that the odometer/speedometer assembly wiring changed for years 2001 and up. (Broken cover over speedometer.)
I should note that the KM versions of the speedo are made of cheaper plastic but they do work. And they are all for 2001+ versions of the bike. The electrical harnesses changed after 2000 so they aren't plug and play for pre-2001 TWs.


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I am hoping someone has dealt with this wiring issue and could provide some insight into how to get the whole assembly working. I think the biggest thing confusing me could just be the after-market blinker wires but I am not really sure. I will post some pics in a bit.
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