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I'll order one and look, you may have a good find there!

At less than 5 bucks... !



For some reason only I can understand, I ordered a NOS oil drain cap off ebay for a YFM250 ATV. I am about 90% sure its the same as an AG/TW cap but I haven't got access to either bike currently to confirm. It looks the same to me but the part numbers are completely different - 5XG-E5351-00-00 ('08 YFM250) compared to 5H0-15351-00-00 ('08 TW200)

Check out the screen shots from PartsShark for both the parts;

View attachment 94233

View attachment 94241

Notice the price difference? What makes me cautious is that the related O-ring has a different part number as well. I just cant see Yamaha radically changing this part between these models, especially when the related mesh filter and retaining/compression spring has the same part number.

This is the NOS part I received;

View attachment 94249

View attachment 94257

The NOS AG/TW parts over here are over $30 while this part I received was around $10. I did notice on the YFM part packaging that its got Made In Taiwan as opposed to Japan on the AG/TW part.

Anyone else here have any knowledge of this?
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