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Oil filter cover- long bolt broke- repair options?

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So the long bolt that holds the oil filter cover (top right bolt if looking at the cover) was missing when I bought my 2005. The cover is tight and does not leak oil- or appear to have leaked oil in the past. Anyways- the seller gave me the impression the bolt was just missing. So I ordered a new bolt and when I tried to put it in-- it was clear that the threads were broken off. This bolt is quite long and there is plenty of room to thread the hole and tap a new - shorter screw into it. Just want to get thoughts on if this would be a good way to fix this. I dont want to continue with only 2 bolts holding the oil filter cover.

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Not sure that bolt has any function - other than snugging the oil filter cover tight.

The bottom bolt is a functional bolt as it allows oil to drain from filter etc.

THis bolt is inserted in a channel cast on the outside of the crankcase.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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