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Oil Filter inspection

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Just wanted to point out to newer members or anyone who is not aware (I know this is posted elsewhere but that will not help newer T-Dub owners). I went to my local Yamaha dealer yesterday to purchase a new oil filter for my TW200, they were out of Yamaha filter's but they did have a Vesrah in stock so I asked to see it. The first one he brought to me had 3 out of the four holes in the top covered over with rubber, possibly from molding defect, there should be 4 clear holes. This has happened to me before, from other parts distributors for this type of filter.

I have a pic of the one that I got afterwards that was good, I could have cut the rubber out of the other one but opted for a different one that turned out to be fine! If you install one of these sub-standard out filter's you will probably damage your motor from oil starvation!!!

I did point out to my local Yamaha shop the problem and asked him to notify his crew of the problem, these filters are used on lots of machines other than the TW200.

I have had bad filters now from these brands: Yamaha , Vesrah and a Royal Distributing brand of filter.

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Always a good reminder for the correct oil filter.

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