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Oil in Magneto Case

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I just picked up a 1987 TW and went to check the ignition timing. When I removed the timing cover (plug at top of left case) with the engine idling, the magneto housing was pressurized and oil mist was blowing out of the inspection port. I pulled the left case cover and it was full of oil. Is the magneto/starter compartment supposed to be wet or dry? If it's supposed to be dry, then I guess I have a bad crank seal... Comments? Thanks for your help!
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Don't panic! It is a wet one.
Don't panic! It is a wet one.


Now I just have to figure out why my T Dub has an intermittent idles fine -miss-backfire-run-well-then-horribly problem...

I think it's the dreaded intermittent CDI problem... Ugh!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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