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I have had an oil leak for a while, been driving me nuts. Looks like crap when you park your bike and there is oil spots on the ground under it. The oil would pool up on the left hand side of the skid plate while parked. At first I thought it was the left side cover leaking, I put in a new gasket and sealed it all up while changing my chain and sprockets. I changed the o-ring on the drain bolt, made sure all the screws were tight on that side etc... It appeared to be coming from the center of the engine and then draining down to the left side while parked. I talked to a local shop in town and it would be an $800 dollar repair because they would have to pull the engine out, and basically completely tear it down. He advised checking the all the bolts and possibly putting some JB Water Weld on the bottom of the case to keep it from leaking.

I went home and pulled the skid plate off and cleaned everything up so I could see where it was coming from. Well I found my problem. There was one really loose screw on the right side cover, another that was pretty loose, and about 2 more that needed a turn or two to be tight again. It was actually coming from the right side and running down to the left while parked on the kick stand. I got it all tightened up and went for a nice long ride, no leaks as of yet! I left it parked for about an hour and checked, the skid plate is still clean! I am glad I talked to the shop, gave me the idea to double check all the screws, not just the left side!

I love easy fixes, especially free ones! I figure I would post this in case in helps someone else out.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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