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oil pump gasket??

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So I got the new head on my motor last night... the old one crapped out due to lack of oil getting to the head.

The new one isn't getting oil either.

oil is making it to the oil filter, the filter has all four holes, i checked all the oil passages in the block and head to be sure they were clear, and triple-checked the hole in the clutch case that allows oil to come out of the notorious 4 holes in the filter and into the top end -- all were fine.

With the oil flow cheater bolt thing taken out of the head, there is no oil coming out at all. i can feel air though. only ran the bike for i think two 2-3sec sessions, didn't want to sieze it up as it was obvious no oil was getting to head.

I'm thinking at this point that it must be the oil pump, but haven't taken it off yet.

Why does the oil pump gasket show "obsolete" for all years including 2011? Hopefully the old gasket won't tear and will be OK to reuse?

Any tips from the gurus?
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Mine takes about 5-10 seconds to come out after an oil change and that's with my oil cooler in the way.. And it won't squirt out just ooze.

The past member reported oil pressures is only 2-6 psi

Remember it still takes about 20 miles of no oil flow riding to seize the motor.

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