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Oil pump

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I am hearing a ticking sound similar to a rocker arm/valve noise from my TW engine. Using a stethoscope it is loudest just next to the oil level sight window which is just opposite of the oil pump. It is much louder when the engine is warmed up and non-existent when the engine is cold. I have adjusted the valves many times so it is not the valves.

Has anyone else heard a similar noise or had trouble with their oil pump? Or what else might make the noise? Is this normal for an engine with 15K miles on it? I am going to pull the right side cover off and take a look but first I want to get a gasket.

Suggestions anyone? Tony
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The oil pump gear is plastic and should be near silent.

I have never known one fail but that means nothing really, there is a first for everything.

Also those mechanics stethoscopes can be a bit terrifying on an old air cooled engine that is mechanically noisy at the best of times.

Check for oil flow at the head by undoing the check bolt, this will rule out the pump at least.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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