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Oil View Window Broke

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Hey All, I'm mildly savvy with fixing little things on the bike, oil changes, etc, but recently the window where you view the oil level somehow became dislodged and I have oil spewing out of it. I can see it in there. It's not broken, just isn't in place anymore. Is this common? Easy fix? Also, is it related that the clutch doesn't work now? (No pressure when I squeeze the handle.)

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Here is an oil level sight glass from the inside of the right side engine cover. I am going to stick with my original guess that this item is pressed into the side cover. Any guesses on what the blue paint indicates?

View attachment 195578

And here it is from the outside of the right side engine cover.

View attachment 195580
Blue paint is assemblers mark from factory
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I'll take what he's having....
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