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Old oil filter

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I just got the carb all cleaned up but I forgot to pick up an oil filter to replace the old one when I was at the dealer. Does anyone know how bad it would be to try and start the bike with the old filter installed ? The oil in new but the filter is aBout 8 years old which is the last time the bike was ridden. The dealer wont be open till Monday but I really want to see if the bike will run . I won't ride it just see if it starts. I promise . What do you guys think???
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It all depends if the old one has a stock brass screen. Spray the heck out of the old one with WD40 to remove any metal junk and if it doesn't have any holes in it give it a try.
If and when you replace the brass filter make sure you get the correct one with the holes in the rubber ends. Search this site for the "Correct" and "WRONG" OEM Yamaha filters.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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