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Plan was to spend 3 days wandering West Central Idaho, simple camping, with no specific destination other than to make it home sometime Monday. Originally, I was going to bring the TW so the wife and I could ride around after we stopped for the day, and this was an exciting TW time for me as I had just finished getting the TW put back together after 3 months of being down. But what we didn't consider were... "The Factors"! I will get to those shortly.

Caveat: Our travels would take us in and around the area the wife's parents were participating in a Wagon/Horse Trail Ride. We leaving Friday after wife gets off work.

Thursday-Factor 1 interruption: Phone rings from mother-in-law, "can you take my car from the start of the trail ride to the ending point, we need a ferry vehicle"? Sure, not really out of our way, just have to adjust which direction we went. Of course, we were wondering why we hadn't been invited on the ride, but heck we don't mind helping out.

Friday-Factor 2 interruption: Phone rings from mother-in-law, "porta-pottie trailer overturned, can you haul our flatbed trailer when you come and drop it off at the mid-way point"? Ah, sure. Now starting to realize taking the TW may be in jeopardy.

Friday-Factor 3 weather: Raining. Gonna continue to rain, maybe snow in higher elevations. "Are you still planning on bringing the motorcycle?" I am asked. I detect a tone and look from my wife, that perhaps I may want to give this question a lot of consideration! "Well, with the bad weather and all...", so I unloaded the TW. Wife stops crying now!

To be fair, factors 1 & 2 were already something the wife was, lets say, not in the plans, but she wanted to help her folks out. Throw in the rain, trailers, driving cars all over the place, just plain irritating the wife. Taking the TW was gonna push her over the edge.

So, Plan B. Here is my TW-less ride report. Would have loved having the TW, but I've become wiser with age...errr sometimes!

Oh, and calling this "Old School", you'll see the theme. Wife had fun finding Points of Interest on the GPS as we drove around.

After arriving here in the dark, found the quickest place to set up our "simple camp".

Georgie at 1st Camp

1st GPS POI, old school at Bear, Idaho. Looks like it could still be used, or used as a community hall.

Next stop, Cuprum, Idaho. Old mining and perhaps logging town.

Cuprum gas station? Need a key for the restrooms in the background?

Old barn near Cuprum, Idaho.

Gonna take a shortcut from Bear to Council, Idaho. Not so much. Shortly after this had to turn around because of snow drifts.

Old Goodrich School. Sort of between Council and Cambridge, Idaho.

More to come. Hope your enjoying.

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Georgie waiting for the bus. Sometimes things out of place catch your attention. Bus Stop? I don't think so.

Since it was loose, I assume it was taken from a city with bus service and placed here for fun. I too have a bus stop

sign that appears too look very similar to this at my house.

Saw this old grand abandon ranch house on a back road somewhere east of Midvale, Idaho.

Didn't see any No Tresspassing signs and the gate was open so...we got closer.

Knew mother and father-in-law were nearby on the trail. By chance, caught a glimpse of them between Midvale and

Cambridge, Idaho.

Another GPS POI. Cozy Corners School SE of Midvale. Looks like it was also used as a ranch shed after its school years.

Another GPS POI, Mann's Creek Cemetery. Nothing special, just looked kind of neat.

Saling School POI off Mann's Creek Rd. Say's #3 on the front. There are a lot of old schools along this road, many

which are no longer there. This one was big compared to others and is still in use for some group called BusyBee's or

something like that. Still in good shape.

More of a geocache for us, but was still a GPS POI. On map it's called Old School. Georgie found something really cool

just to the left of the school.

Here's what Georgie was staring at. And I have know idea what kind of owl's they are. Big but young.


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Close up of the real cache at this school.

Last but not least, POI East of Weiser, Idaho, Jefferson School. I think it said it was a community center now and is

in great shape.

So, I did have one destination in mind. There was a couple of geocache's near Brownlee Reservoir along the Snake

River. Basically, there are two ways to there, one over the mountains, and due to possible snow I ruled that out, and the

other is driving on a dirt/gravel road for about 5-7 miles along the reservoir. Not a big deal to me, but the wife is deadly

afraid of water. I make sure she is ok with this several times before we start, and she says it's ok. In reality, she didn't

want to do it now way no how. About half way I look over and she is crying real bad. I try to calm her, but not doing a good

job at it, but she says continue. Short story is, although we were in the cache area, she couldn't get the prospect of driving

the reservoir road out of her head and she was scared. So, I decide to scrap the cache finds and tell here we will go

over the mountains back. I didn't know if we could make it, but she was in bad shape, so, up the steep grade we go.

About half way up the grade, this is what we are looking at. Not good! Snow and bad weather moving in.

Well, we made it to the ridge, but it's still pretty dicey if we are gonna make it.

Didn't know it at the time, but this was the last obstacle we would have to make it through. I got stuck on the first attempt,

back out ok, and gunned it and made it on the second attempt.

At this point, I'm glad I didn't bring the TW. Driving the truck was bad enough, riding on the TW...worse.

And then we see this. Saw other tracks so we kept going and made it out. Wife happy about no more reservoir.

We were pretty tired and made our last night camp here. Went to bed early while still daylight. We didn't care....tired.

All smiles the next morning. Sun was out and didn't have snow or reservoir.

Heading home today and saw this on an old bridge outside of Weiser, Idaho, on the back roads.

And finally, after all the rain and water, we see this. How ironic!

Hope you enjoyed. Next trip I will have the TW along for sure!

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So I guess I shouldn't feel bad about giving you just one more reason not to take the TW huh?
Tell your wife she's welcome.

BTW - I have a battery with your name on it. If you will be in Boise this week maybe we can do lunch and I'll get your battery back to you. Nice non-ride report. I enjoyed the photos too.

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Nice adventure Admiral. Some of the pictures reminded me of Little House on the Prairie. That snow detour over the mountains would have had me more than a little nervous. Glad it all worked out. A couple of weeks ago I was called upon to do a last minute equipment delivery to Whitefish, MT. Crossed Idaho on hiway 93 (i think). Lots of miles, and lots of rain. It's been a long time since I was in that kind of 'rush'. Thanks for sharing. Gerry
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