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I blame the TW200's!

I've had so much fun on these that I've now sold ALL my larger bikes!

This included my HD Roadking Classic, HD Heritage Springer Classic, my GL1800 goldwing,

XR1200, etc.

I'm now in a postion to ADD something new to my stable.

I'm looking at a Moto Guzzi V7 Classic!

Its small, light, I can add bags and a rack, and its white to match my T-dubs!

Anyone know anything about these?

I'm considering it as a daily driver.

Comments welcome.

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I do!!!

I did a road test on a V7 for the local newspaper's motoring supplement.

Really nice bike, a lot lighter than it looks. Here's my review...

Moto Guzzi owners are an interesting bunch, they love their bikes but don’t make a noise about it as if they are keeping a secret. When Artdeans in Rodbourne recently became a Moto Guzzi dealer, I knew I had to ride one and find out for myself what is so special. I took a test ride on a V7 Classic, a 750cc air cooled twin, the first and cheapest ride (£6274) in the Moto Guzzi range.

I must admit to making some assumptions about the Italian Moto Guzzi. I was expecting a heavy and un-wieldy brute of a bike that would be sluggish and difficult to move around. So I was immediately taken by surprise when I pulled away for the first time. The steering was light and sensitive and the bike felt nimble and well balanced. My ride across town was a breeze. Tight junctions and mini roundabouts were effortless to negotiate. The riding position is a comfortable and commanding sit up style. The footpegs and handle bars are well spread out with all the switches and controls in easy reach. Moto Guzzi have called this bike the ‘Classic’ and it does feel very much like the original Triumph Bonneville.

Luckily for me the sun was shining and I was really looking forward to putting the V7 through its paces on some of my favorite roads in Wiltshire. Moto Guzzi is faithful to the big twin cylinder engine throughout their range. It is an unusual design by today’s standards and makes the bike look very distinctive. The engine produces a fantastic throbbing feeling which really connected me to the bike. The V7 has got rapid acceleration, enough power to overtake easily and a super slick gearbox.

The sweeping bends and tight twisty corners were a delight. The bike felt light and sure footed which gave me a lot of confidence to lean and turn at slow and fast speeds. The suspension was a little bit too hard as some bumps felt harsh. Brembo brakes at the front and rear have a soft initial bite and enough performance to stop the bike at speed but not too much to scare you.

Overall the V7 is a special bike. It’s nimble and user friendly with good acceleration and a comfortable riding style. The classic styling and details makes it stand out from the crowd. Motorcyclists of all experience levels will enjoy riding the Moto Guzzi V7 Classic.

It didn't get printed because of a disagreement between the editor and the Guzzi dealer that lent me the bike.

I just knew it would come in handy one day!!!!

I think the black and gold one is best.

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The V7 is super cool and it has that great retro look...

This one was at the motorcycle exhibition in Milan.
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