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Hey guys,

Since I am modifying the exhaust me and my dad created I am using again the original one
Too much time passed without it haha so I have a question
When I am in 5th gear and "speeding" like 100-110 kmh and release the throttle the bike of course slows down, right? When I reapply throttle I hear a very strange sucking sound, it is quite strong I can hear it quite loudly through my fullface helmet, this sucking noise I don't know if it comes from the exhaust itself or carburetor (how in the hell could be the carburetor? it is sealed perfectly with the new boot and there are no leaks at all, tested)

Is that a normal behavior or what? The other exhaust I had, the end, had a very big hole compared to the stock one, so maybe the sucking can't produce a noise because, as said, the hole was too big?
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