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Oxford Heated Grips

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OK with the cooler weather already here and old man winter just around the corner I pulled the trigger and purchased and installed a set of Oxford heated grips on the mighty TW.

I took her out for a couple hundred kilometre run today and tested them and my heated vest out.

The TW with headlight on will run either the vest OR the grips but not together.With both vest and grips on the volt meter I also installed drops well below 12.7 and will discharge the battery.

I installed a switch so I could turn off the low beam.With the low beam off I can run both the vest and grips and the volt meter reads 14.1 volts.

I also installed a small removable wind screen and am now ready for some comfortable cold weather riding.

I sure will miss commuting to work on a regular basis though.With the price of gas at $1.50 a litre the 80 plus miles per gallon from the TW compared to the 18 mpg my truck gets will be sorely missed.

On the bright side the mighty TW is slowly paying for itself.
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HI !! I like your advise you just wrote, and thank you for posting in my thread. Do you have a tread of your bike build? or can you post a pic of your dashboard? Since you mention you have a voltmeter, and some other stuff I would like to see how you mounted all up.

Thank you very much.

1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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