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performance problem

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Good even all I have a question to ask I have a 92 tw 200 in my shop that had been sitting for several years customer brought it for a tune and service so i proceeded with the tune and service lubed all cable changed oil and filter adjusted the chain i also adjusted the valves to 4 and six and put a new battery in it as well bike starts and idled fine customer came and picked it up and took it for a test drive he was gone for awhile came back pushing it no spark so the next day i began running my diagnostics check pickup coil it was good check coil and stator everything checked good so i went to spark plug boot and removed and grounded out the coil wire itself and i had spark so i put a new cap on it and it starts up and runs so i drove it acts like its hitting the rev limiter bucks and snort will not take throttle under a load ie driving it sitting in neutral i rev it up but from what I've read they don't have a rev limiter on these am i correct in that assumption i know its not fuel related i have triple checked all my settings i am leaning towards a bad cdi box i have heard that this bike had problems with them also i read a thread here that talk about bypassing the brown wire on it . is that a viable test i need to tell the customer something and what about those dccdil boxes of ignitech are they and good any advise would greatly be appreciated you can post your response here or you can email me directly to [email protected]

thank you
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The '87 CDI is unique to '87.

I don't have an answer to your question, but you're a shop owner and you actually care? I will say what you're descrbing II have not seen posted as a common CDI issue (like it's hitting a rev limiter). There are members here much more knowledgable. Hopefully they'll be along shortly.
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