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Phantom Bike almost trail ready

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I've had the bike a few weeks now. Played around with it a bit in the desert, but have not put it to the test in the high Sierras...yet.

Bike is a 2001 with 4600 miles. Recently added a TCI skid plate(sent to me by the former owner), a Clarke 2.8 tank, an IMS shift lever, DirtBagz, and just today, a Shinko244 front tire.

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Took it out a couple of weeks ago on a ride near Lake Morena. Put on about 70 miles of 2 lane and 15-20 miles of easy dirt. Bike handles surprisingly well on pavement. In all of that pavement riding I was passed by only one car.

There is some gnarly dirt riding up there, but I left that alone for now. Even the easy stuff convinced me the stock front tire had to go. Here is a shot of the bike at that time.

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Thanks, guys. I did not have time yesterday for a decent trial. Only did about 1/2 mile on surface streets. I have to admit that the heavier tire felt strange. The old stocker just went where I pointed it. This new Shinko had its own ideas about where to go. Not extreme, but noticeable. I'll probably get used to it. I expect that it will be much better than the old one in the dirt.
I thought my Shinko felt funny after first putting it on. Ride it a few days and you will love it. It is a big improvement over the stock tire.
Thanks, Nitrox Diver. It's good to get that kind of feedback. I'll try to get some miles on it in a couple of days.
Lizrdbrth, I first started using the Dirtbagz in 2005 on my Suzuki DR650. I have used them extensively since then for hauling anything which would fit. I also have a Pro-Moto-Billet rack on the DR which I use for bulky objects, but the Dirt Bagz are far more useful to me. They are not noticeable even when loaded, and they keep the weight low and tight to the bike, unlike racks. It's also easier for me to get on and off the bike, since they add no height. They do not lighten the front wheel on hills.

It's nice to start off in the morning in cold weather and have a place to put the layers of clothing as it warms up. Plenty of room for tools, snacks, rain gear, etc. They come in two sizes. The smaller size is in the pic.Both sizes can fit either bike and go on or come off in seconds. They NEVER get loose. The mounts also provide some protection from the rear to the cases in case of a tip-over. They don't interfere with carrying a passenger.

The DirtBagz mounts were the first things I ordered for the TW. I love the damn things. LOL!

Here is a pic of the DR with the same bags, several years ago. Almost indestructible.

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Went to the IMS site to check out the shift lever,didn't see one for the TW?. Which lever did you use?,from which bike.....I presume no fitment issues.
Frog, the shift lever is the 98-09 Yamaha YZ250F Flightline shift lever #317320 in IMS's on-line catalog. It has a folding tip and is a perfect fit.

I found that info somewhere on this site. It is accurate and I owe that poster my thanks.
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