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Just thought I would post something here quickly about my trip to the Philippines. It was my 2nd trip there and I had gone back to see the girl that I met the first time and to see if we had true chemistry. Sadly, I realized that I had chemistry with her friend also. Kinda sucks because made life a bit more confusing....

Anyway, enough about my loveless life.....There is a huge learning curve when going there the first time and even this second time still learned quite a bit about the country and its people. I had more fun the first trip but tis was ok to. Spent 16 days there this time.

So, if any of you have an questions or anything maybe I can help lead you in the right direction. Many folks have preceived notions of filipino women and many are wrong. In a nut shell, there are some really good ones, and there are also some dishonest ones. Best info come from people who have "been there, done that". Alright, thats it. Feel free to ask questions if you like. Just know I may not have all the answers. Sure do highly recommend going if you have any interest in going though.

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