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Photo limit?

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Has anyone figured out how many photos we can put into a single post? I'm trying to create a thread for my TW200 build and am finding myself greatly restricted by the number of photos I can post. Not sure I understand the reasoning for that rule.
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In my experience when I posted my Buck Park Cabin camp and ride, the limit was 10 per post. How I got around this was: I would post around the 10 photo's. Staying in the thread I would then "add Reply" and continue posting about 10 at a time. It is possible that someone could have jumped in between my main post and adding replies, but no one did.

I didn't really think this was too big of a hassle once I figured it out. The one thing I would do differently next time is I would continue all of my postings as "add reply" to the main post instead of creating new post threads each day I posted. (i.e. eveining ride post, continued post, and final post). That way someone viewing would be able to view the whole thing in one thread instead of many (as I did). I think you have done similar in your build post.

Can't speak of the "limit", but perhaps it is a host protection limit of some kind.

I did view your Custom TW 200 Build "Blaster shock" thread section. I like the idea of that shock. Been a little disapointed at times with the stock shock as other have experienced as well...and the front, but all those mods will come later.
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I'm thinking 25 would be good what do you think?
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25 should work for the majority. Anything over that we can post similar to how I got around the 10 limit.

Normally I wouldn't have that many, but in my case I took alot of photo's of my buck park trip which I wanted to share.
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I seem to usually have no problem filling out the 10 photo per post quota after a TW adventure.:)
From this April in Utah.
Recent slickrock campsite across canyon from cliff dwelling.
Sky Ecoregion Bonfire Tree Plant

Cliff dwelling abandoned likely in 12th century
Brown Plant Bedrock Natural landscape Terrain

View from boondocking camp in Valley of the Gods.
Sky Mountain Bedrock Natural landscape Formation

Valley of the Gods is TW friendly unlike nearby Monument Valley which no longer welcomes motorcyclists.
Sky Motor vehicle Automotive tire Natural environment Vehicle

Cruising through Monument Valley.
Sky Bedrock Formation Landscape Outcrop

Snaking access to knife edged ridge line trails at SwingArm City
Automotive tire Sky Natural environment Automotive mirror Vehicle

Dirty Devil river crossing draining the southern San Rafael Swell.
Wheel Tire Sky Cloud Plant

Primative campsite at base of some "chocolate drops" of Goblin Valley fame.
Tire Sky Wheel Cloud Vehicle

Seemingly endless super smooth cruisin' Wild Horse Valley by Factory Butte.
Mirror Cloud Sky Plant Road surface

I camp and ride amongst the rugged landforms of Swing Arm City ORV free riding area.
Cloud Sky Mountain Natural landscape Bedrock

That didn't take long. 10 photos per post seems reasonable.
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Yeah, but you had to reach back 13 years to post them all.

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I think increasing the limit to 25 is a good idea. It's not too often but, sometimes I do have more than 10 pics I would like to upload at once. I haven't tried Admiral's "reply" method but, I will the next time the issue arises. I say if expanding the limit to 25 photos per post doesn't stress the Forum's software then, why not?
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