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can someone tell me how to resize my photo so I can post it. Obviously my computer skills are for poo. Want to have a pic of my TW up there. I put my camera on the smallest setting. It said for email size. Still to big.



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I use 2 meathods to resize my photo's. I don't set size on my camera, partly cause I didn't know there was an option to do so. Giggle.

1. (Resizing before I upload to photobucket) I open a photo in Microsoft Office Picture manager>click edit pictures>click resize>click dropdown arrow and choose either "web large (640x480)" or "web small (448x336)". Then click ok and save or save as if I want to keep one with the original size.

2. (Resizeing in photobuck) click on photo in album. There are different options to get to reszie, but I usually choose edit, then resize to above mentioned dimensions and save replace or save copy.

I also use picasa web which when resizing I use similar above mentioned options.

Hope this helps.
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