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I saw this fix on the ADVrider website and clicked the link for the Chrome Browser Extension add-on to see if it worked on my home laptop. After the Chrome extension add-on was installed, which only took seconds, I refreshed the page and I can now see mine or anyone else's Photobucket pictures again.

It only works on a computer which has the extensions added. I can see Photobucket pictures you post but you won't see the same pictures unless you also add the extension.

I'm still not going to use Photobucket anymore as photo host but at least I can see any Photobucket picture anyone has posted.

I have a lot of Photobucket pictures which could be replaced after I transferred the photos to Google Photo Hosting, but they are my old early photos which most people don't go back that far in a thread to look at anyway. I'll maybe replace them this winter if I get bored. :happy3:

Here's the link if you want to add the extension for Chrome and FireFox. Use at your own risk, I'm just passing the info along and don't have anything to do with the development of the extension. That's so funny I sound like I know what I'm doing on a computer and don't :p

Photobucket Fixer -- see all Photobucket images again! | Adventure Rider
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