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Pics from Stay-n-Ride Palm Springs Nov. 19, 20

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Here are some pics from our Palm Springs area rides on Nov. 19, 20. We had a great turn out and had two good rides.

If you road with us and care to share your pics, please put them here so they will be in one place. Lizrdbth posted a couple in the announcement topic before I started this one so make sure you check them out as well.

On Friday I was joined by Lizrdbth and neverseemefall. Here we are at the start:

Here we are up a wash and soing some exploring:


A little desert critter:

Here is neverseemefall trying out the hill:

On Saturday I was joined by: Dave, Steve, Adam, Russ, me, Jake, Kevin, Gerry as seen below and Jim (who joined us at the trail). Dave and Jake had KTMs and Adam a Suzuki, the rest of us were Tdubs:

The nice thing about a group ride is that there are enough "MacGyvers" to fix or adjust anything.

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A mean looking Lizrdbth!

At the end of the 6 hour (100 mile) ride we got to see this:

As far as rain on us, we get a little on the streets of Yucca Valley. It was cold in Joshua Tree but we all made it back just fine.

All in all, it was a great ride. Stay tuned for the next ride in June... -Jeff
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Wish I could have been there looks like everyone had a good time .

The two guys on the KTM's look like they are talking about how crazy T-Dub riders are!
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The two guys on the KTM's look like they are talking about how crazy T-Dub riders are!

They actually were saying how they could not believe how FAST the Tdubers came up that steep rocky road that they had to crawl along just to get to the top! (grin) Yep, they were amazed at the mighty Tdubs! The Tdub IS a different ride from the KTM. That is why we ride them...
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