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pilot/air/idle mixture screw

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I want to try to clarify this. When adjusting the pilot screw, turning it clockwise will lean out the mixture. So turning it counter-clockwise will richen the mixture allowing more fuel to enter the cylinder. So if there is a surge at low speed when opening the throttle quickly it needs to be leaner. Correct?

And is there a sweet spot where it will be easy to start and not surge or is it a trade off?
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When drilling the slide, is it the hole right next to the needle that is drilled out? I'm not sure that I will be going that route but I am curious. the right of the "main jet holder" is a rubber seal... I'm not sure I saw that when I cleaned my carb... is something missing? or did I miss cleaning a part of it?
If you don't have the rubber plug, it is missing. You can't leave out parts of the carb and expect it to run properly.

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I removed the shims so now its at 130 main and 2.5 turns out on the pilot screw. Seems to be running well through all the ranges. I will now try it with one then two shims and see what effect that has on it. If it surges with both combos, I will just stick with the 130 main only.
palmstate - to clarify.. removing the shims have solved your hesitation?

that plug is present in my carb,..

think my hesitation might be vacuum related - cos it only happend after letting off high ish rev's... then going back on the gas..

so it could be something to do with the needle...

the other issues have been solved by a good thorough carb clean and adjustment of valve clearances..
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is this the mikuni 28mm carb?
Possibly a Teikei.........wonder if his air filter was clean?.
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