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pilot jet

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anyone try a larger pilot for the old style carb? I am running 1 125 main with lots of other mods. Also looking for a part number on a 42 pilot
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Since you're using a 125 I'm assuming an early-style carb.

XT350's use a 125 main and #42 pilot in their main (primary) carb. Same basic carb.

The jets used in the secondary carb won't swap.
Handy list. We need to swipe dat.
You may want to "un-swipe" all of the "30X-" Main jets. They're for the secondary carb on an XT and won't interchange.

The 4-valve XT's (350's, 550's, 600's) Use two carbs. The main carb is a Tekei slide carb pretty much like ours, but the secondary carb is a CV type and has no pilot circuit, floats or float bowl and uses different style mains. It's its own critter.

Most of them probably aren't available any more but it could confuzzle folks.

The pilot jet numbers should be valid.
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1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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