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Plastic gas tank street legal ?

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I just got a Clark 2.7 gal. gas tank and have not put it on yet. I have read a lot of the post and they are very informative. I also did not like my logo so opted to get a plastic tank (black) and I found white vinyl tuning fork logo stickers I think will look cool on it. My question , are the plastic

tanks street legal and will they pass inspection. On the bottom of the tank it says " for off road use

only " Is the Clark Co. just covering its butt or is there a reason the plastic tank is not as safe on the road as a metal tank ?
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Flip your clarke tank over. You should see "off road use only" stamped on the bottom. My tip is don't get the translucent (semi clear) tank so you don't draw attention to it. Stick with a solid color.

Bikes are not inspected in my state.

Here's the last time we talked about it.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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