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Popping sound at half throttle

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I am a noobie. I recently serviced my 1998 TDub the other day. Changed front and rear sprocket with new chain. Changed tires to Shinko SR428s. Also changed oil and filter. Noticed a good leak around front of crankcase cover left side (order new one for $5.90). Drove it before I noticed the leak and at half throttle there is a popping sound which seems to come from the engine side of the carb. Unsure if this means that the valves need adjusted or it is loosing compression from the leak.

Is the crankcase under compression? Could this be the cause?

Another question, I also changed the sparkplug and pulled it after ran a couple of miles to test everything, the sparkplug is white on end of tip?

Any suggestion from the vast wisdom on this forum is greatly appreciated.

PS all the work I did cost around $100. Local shop wanted $410 for parts and service. This forum saved me a lot of money. THANKS TO ALL!!!
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Was it popping before you messed with it? If so, considering the white plug, I'd guess too lean. If not, I'd guess a pinched wire when the stator cover was replaced.
Ooops. Double.
Cleaning a dirty filter will lean the mixture.

I run the Champion plug from Walmart. No problem. The resistor plug should make no difference.
Should I tune the carb?
Does the engine tell you the carb needs tuning?
Crankcase alternates compression and vacuum depending on if the piston is going up or down.

Cars exhibit the same driveability problems as motorcycles when jetting is not right. See the carb tuning sticky in Tech. It lists symptoms of too lean and symptoms of too rich. If you have symptoms, make a small adjustment to rectify the symptoms. If the symptoms get worse, adjust the other way. If the symptoms get better, make another small adjustment. Keep making small adjustments until the symptoms go away.
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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