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Power and Top End Upgrade

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I love my TW, but what I really want is a 6 speed TW400. Since Yamaha isn't going to make one of those anytime soon, what's an alternative in a different bike?

I thought I would like the Suzuki DR650 and so I test drove one yesterday. I liked everything about the bike - more power and plenty of top end but it felt like I was starting in second gear compared to my TW. It has stock sprockets.

Any suggestions?
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I have a DR650 and I went down 1 tooth on the front sprocket. A pleasant change but going up 3 or 4 or 5 teeth in the back will be will make it better yet. I also installed a master link in the chain.

Personally I like the TW better. It is lighter and the seat is lower to the ground. The DR is great on asphalt for longer trips and OK on dirt roads but I would never take my DR where I take the TW. The seat is to high off the ground and it is heavier. I know I will be falling over more often on the DR if I take it where I take the TW.

I am sure there are people that can take the DR more places than a TW can go but I am not one of them. A friend tries to talk me into taking the DR off roading. He says the extra power will get me out of trouble! Ha! I tell him it is the extra power that will get me into trouble.

I love my TW. Sure, another 50 cc would be nice, as would a 6 speed, but if that is all that is wrong with it I will take it the way it is.
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