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Power and Top End Upgrade

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I love my TW, but what I really want is a 6 speed TW400. Since Yamaha isn't going to make one of those anytime soon, what's an alternative in a different bike?

I thought I would like the Suzuki DR650 and so I test drove one yesterday. I liked everything about the bike - more power and plenty of top end but it felt like I was starting in second gear compared to my TW. It has stock sprockets.

Any suggestions?
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I think that a 350-400 cc TW type motorcycle would be awesome. Not so much for trails or FS roads like I typically ride, but for the road. I took a 80 mile road trip the other day and for the first time noticed my TW's low power. Riding at 55 (60 indicated) was no problem, unless I hit a headwind (which I did) or a hill (many) or both (most of the ride).

But then I wonder if just about everyone wishes their bike had just a little more. Is there a real Dual Sport out there that people who buy it don't start modifying for more power or wishing they could?

On edit: I got so wrapped up in my own thoughts (thread jack) that I didn't write what I meant to when I first read your post. On the DR, what would you think about installing a smaller front sprocket or larger rear sprocket to gain a little more low end (at the price of losing some top end of course)?

As for other options, a 225 and 250 TW has been done. That gives you the TW with a bit more power.
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