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Power source

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I have a 1998 TW and was wondering if anybody here has ever thought about or tried to install a 12v power source for random things like charging a phone or using a small tire pump? It seems easy but I wanted to get some feed back from maybe a person who has done it on one of these bad boys.
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FWIW, if you combine the typical 12v outlet wiring with the fuse and Battery Tender wiring you'll cut down on the clutter under your seat and at the battery terminals as well as the amount of wiring involved. The same fuse will cover the circuit when using either the Battery Tender leads or the outlet as a power source, OR when charging on a tender with only a single connection at the battery:

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Tim, the OP indicated that he expected to run a compressor. Compressors run at higher amperages which increase as they heat up in use. Light gauge wire won't cut it. Run the entire socket circuit in #14 wire. Determine the max amp load of your compressor and fuse accordingly.

Some folks like to run 2 outlets. One fused for heavy loads such as compressors and heated gear and one fused much lighter in order to protect cellphones, chargers, GPS units and delicate electronics. These can be operated on much lighter #16 or #18 wire.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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