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Progressive suspension

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Hello There.

I fitted progressive springs to my KLR, and that completely transformed the bike.

I would like to do the same on the TW. I got the spec sheet from progressive suspension, and picked one closest to the TW stock. Part number 11-1107 Free length 457mm (18") OD 27mm (1.05") .45kgs/.63mm (35lbs/50inch) spring rate.

Has any body looked at this spring before? I have seen some serious front suspension mods on this forum, but I don't need to go so extreme. Its the wife's ride, but she does ride some sand whoops very now and again. The standard suspension also seems to deflect a bit too harshly when hitting small ruts at 80km/h on gravel roads. It will lead to tank slappers or the like, and I don't need to scare the wife off just yet!
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Might give some serious thought to going through this process first . Then you may look here for a TW 125 progressive fork spring. The 125 is the 'European' version of the TW200 just smaller engine. I bought the spring and was pleased . Gerry

I contacted hyperpro, but I have to buy through their SA agent. The SA price is $220 before shipping, which would be another $20 or so. A bit steep if I can buy the Progressive at $70
I need to change the front oil to something thicker any way first, as the damping is no good. After reading the above article, it seems I first need to set the forks up properly after an oil change, before I fiddle with the thickness of the oil!

Thanks for the input, this site has been a huge library of info and ideas. I will probably buy these progressives, and test them to see if they work. It would be a nice cheaper alternative if they do work.
Has anybody bought the hyperpro springs? If so what are the specs? Free length and spring rate?
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