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protaper bars

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want to get a set of black bars for my 07' which ones are the right fit?
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7/8. The atv highs work great for me at 6'

You will need to file the nubs off the throttle housing and brake or drill holes in the bars. Takes five seconds with a dremel. I suggest filing so you can adjust them where you want.

The windshield is only for the cold winter days. I have a jimbo shield on her now.
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Its actually the kill switch/starter housing and the throttle housing that have a nub on them that goes into holes in the stock bars to keep them in place. If you want, you can keep them on and drill holes in the new bars for them to sit in but it is easier to just file them off. Others and I have had no problems with them moving/rotating as long as you tighten them back up upon installation. Easy job, nothing to worry about. The only tedious task is rerouting the throttle cables. It took me about an hour to relocate all the stuff I had on my bars to the new bars.

This is the order that worked best for me- brake lever, kill switch/starter housing, throttle, clutch mount, lightswitch housing, grips and brushguards. I then added my random stuff like the 12v outlet, ram mount and windshield hardware. Hope this helps your transition to new and better bars a smooth one.
Everything is long enough. Throttle cables need to be re-routed to the front. And I am sure you will be pleased with the increased height. Not sure about the exact height difference but it is around 2-3. Dont worry about it, you'll love em'.
Look at That is where I order most of my stuff from and they usually have the best price.

These are the ones I ordered for $44. The ones on amazon are about $2 cheaper. Not sure about the shipping on amazon but its around $7 from powersportsuperstore.
Tusk d-flex have worked great. I have had to bend them back into shape after a few hard falls. Might as well get the high bars. You wont regret it and I guarantee thet won't be TOO high!
It is personal preference like you said. I saw no need for cutting them down. And I bought the emgo 12v outlet with the cigarette lighter and bar mount. I really like how it looks (you ca see it in one of my pics above). One minor gripe, the cigarette lighter top broke off and the one bottom part fell in. I didn't notice until the next day when my battery was dead
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Having these bars and a goldenboy front tire makes a huge difference riding offroad. It is actually comfortable to stand and ride and the tire provides great traction and less wash outs. It also helps to have some decent brush guards. I'm sure you will love your "new" bike!
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