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protaper bars

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want to get a set of black bars for my 07' which ones are the right fit?
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I just ordered em today!

mine will come next friday! Thanks for the info. Glad to see more people were interested.

post pics when you get them!

You will need to file the nubs off the throttle housing and brake or drill holes in the bars. Takes five seconds with a dremel. I suggest filing so you can adjust them where you want.

The windshield is only for the cold winter days. I have a jimbo shield on her now.

file the nubs off? like an indention where the brake and throttle sit on the OEM bars?
next question. are the stock cables for brake clutch throttle and kill switch long enough to mount on the pro taper bars

how much higher are they than the stock bars? I need them to be 2-3 inches higher on the ends
Everything is long enough. Throttle cables need to be re-routed to the front. And I am sure you will be pleased with the increased height. Not sure about the exact height difference but it is around 2-3. Dont worry about it, you'll love em'.

looking at amazon for 54.99 + shipping. are there any better sources for these bars?
any links to a diagram or schematic of the wiring and assembly of the bar farkles?
1 - 7 of 35 Posts
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