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Hello everyone! I am an avid reader of the forum. In fact, many helpful threads on here helped me decide on a TW200. After a summer of riding my first bike, I've decided to sell a few things. Below are the links to the Ebay listings, as well as why I'm selling the item. Everything except helmet has a set price, but I do accept offers. These items can only be purchased on Ebay through Paypal. Sorry for inconvenience, and thanks for viewing.
(also, a quick question: This winter I'm going to modify my bike with street tires and new sprockets. Would you forum members be interested in stock tires with only 1,600 miles on them? What about the stock sprockets? Also, what is the best sprocket combination for street acceleration. I need better acceleration from stop and go traffic and only need to reach 50 mph at absolute maximum top speed. Thanks!)

TW200 rear rack:
TW200 Rear Cargo Rack | eBay
Upgraded to Cyclerack and no longer needed. In perfect condition w/ minimal weathering.

New Leatt STX Road Brace:
New Unused Leatt STX Road Brace | eBay
You may ask why you need a neck brace on a steady, slow going T-Dub? My favorite quote is " motorcycles don't discriminate." Falling off a 45mph on the TW is no different than if you were on a sports bike. The only reason I'm selling is listed in the Ebay description. It does not sit properly with al of my other armor on.

HJC CL-16 High Visibility Helmet:
HJC CL 16 Full Face Helmet Extra Visor | eBay
I tried to be nice and support a local dealer. (It was a Honda dealer, but they had a better selection) This was the second time at the same dealer from the same salesperson that a helmet was improperly sized on me. The long and short of it is it fit comfortably the first few days, but has now become too loose with the padding conforming to my head. It is in great shape.

Motorcycle Jacket Armor Foam Pads:
Motorcycle Foam Jacket Armor 5 Piece | eBay
I have an Olympia Airglide jacket that I upgraded with Forcefield body armor. If you wear a jacket that didn't come with armor, I would highly suggest these. They are very inexpensive while still being very comfortable and providing CE level protection. No good excuse for not wearing this armor for comfort issues.
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