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Pulser coil

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Hello all,

I have a 99 TW200 that reads 9/99 on the handle bars and the vin number reads a 2000 model. My question is would a pulser coil from a 01 or 02 TW work on my bike?
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Here are the part #'s from 2YG-85580-M0-00 <---99 4JG-85580-01-00 <---01 4JG-85580-01-00 <---02 I looked at a stator for a 01 and 02 and the wire diagram looks different but the wire diagram for the pulser coil looks the same as my 99. reason i ask is the pulser coil for my 99 is $100 and the one for the 01/02 are $40.
Hey guys,

I just called my local yamaha dealer they said that part would switch out but the stator wouldn't. so i am going to order this part and i will let you guys know what the outcome is. Thanks for your help!
Parts should be here within a few days, hoping for a good outcome. with the money i saved i ordered a few odd and end parts i was needing. I called a few different shops even the placed i ordered the pulser coil from and asked if the 01 pulser coil would work on my 99 they all said that it would. But i still don't understand the price difference. the 01 i ordered was $40 and the one for my bike is $75. I guess we will see, I will post what happens.
Yeah on the diagram shows it being separate from the stator i know its like that from a 99 and up. I would have hated to buy the whole ass'y that would have been a little over 400!
Hey all,

Got all my parts in but STILL no start, I think i am having problems timing the bike, i have the manual downloaded but still not 110% sure how to do it. if anyone could lead me in the right direction would be great.
I have the bike at TDC, The cam is lining up with the arrow on the head and the T is lining up with the crank. I have hooked the bike to a car battery trying to start and still nothing, i guess i will try to roll it off see if it will start like that.
I got the bike like this, I redone the whole top end on the bike and while i was replacing the timing chain i noticed the pulser coil was burnt "the white wire was burnt in half" I have bought a new coil/spark plug i am getting good blue spark just no start, How does one know if the bike is out 180 turn?
Would the bike spark at all if the stator was bad? Plus i noticed the kick stand acts as a killswitch would cutting the wire and wiring it together make the bike not start also?
I think i have more problems then what i thought, i went to pull the bike off today and popped the clutch and the bike just free rolled with just a little resistance thinking either the clutches are bad or the trans need rebuilt :/
1 - 10 of 17 Posts
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