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Put a procycle air filter in - now runs rich or lean?

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I put a high flow filter in from procycle.

Now my bike is slightly out of tune, it was perfectly in tune before. I can't decide if it's rich or lean. I'd think a high flow filter would make it lean but I think it's rich!


Harder to start cold - needs throttle to start. Enricher helps slightly.

Idle is all over the place. Over run on closing throttle. I have to bump up the idle screw for the first 15 mins of riding.

Engine stalls randomly when cold.

Engine does NOT stall or stumble on quick throttle openings.

Smell of unburnt gas noticed today (classic rich symptom)

I need to drill out the pilot screw cap to tweak it or perhaps just throw the filter away and put an oem one back in.

Can't say I'd recommend the air filter at this stage.
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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