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Hi all,

I needed to check out some trails and by a good coincidence my mother in law was over visiting from the UK; so, perfect, some mother and daughter time together and trail riding in the Pyrenees for me. Having just experienced the wettest winter we have seen in all the time we have lived here, I expected wet muddy trails and deep snow on the peaks. Well, the trails didn't turn out too bad, but the depth of snow remaining on the peaks was amazing; still meters deep in places on the north facing slopes. It wasn't all bad, as no one else would be able to join me at my little camp spots, unless either on foot or riding another small agile motorcycle. The TW as always was amazing and flattered my very average riding, but I did have a TW hiccup, when a couple of days into the ride it started running rough, not I'm going to stop and leave you stranded rough, but all the same a bit disconcerting and typically at the same time my phone decided it had had enough and promptly died, hmm. (btw, that phone was over 20 years old :) The problem with the TW turned out to be just a sticky diaphragm pin (if that's the correct term) so once I realized what it was, it was an easy fumble and WD 40 fix.

Anyway, here's a few snaps.


DSCN1168 (2).JPG


DSCN0895 - Copy.JPG
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