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This is probably a dumb question, but here goes anyway...

While changing out my fork oil the other day, I had the bike on the hoist without the front wheel. I turned the handlebars from one end to the other (just to check the bearings, free-play etc) and noticed a definite "notch" in the center position.

That is to say, when the handlebars are in the neutral position, they are "held" in this position by a distinct notch. In order to turn left or right, I have to force the bars out of this notch. It doesn't take a lot of force (very little effort in fact), but I doubt that this is normal. Just thought I'd check anyway.

New bearings and races ordered nonetheless...

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Some of the bearings in mine were square, diamond shaped, etc... This produced a noticeable "ratcheting" feel in the steering that was absolutely horrible.

I'd say you are on the right track with the bearings and races, but it couldn't hurt to take it apart to look if you have it on the lift already
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