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OK, I bought this 06 T-Dub earlier this week, and unfortunately, the guy could not find the owners manual! So, I have a few dumb questions to ask you guys! I'm a maintenence freak, and want to go thru this entire bike.

1) How do you remove the seat to gain access to the battery and air filter box?

2) What weight oil should I use, 10W-40? I'm going to use Ams-Oil in this bike!

3) I see one zirk fitting on the swing-arm! Anymore?

4) Anything else I should look at?

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You have two bolts under the seat to remove. Then lift up the back of the seat and pull backwards.. If you hear a popping noise it's just the suction cup that holds the front down.

Most people use 10/40 unless they live where it's hot then 20/50.

If you change from dino oil to syn you may develop a base gasket leak on the left front.. "I know ask me" It takes 1 quart. Clean both oil screens.

2 z-fittings, one on each side of the pivot point on the swing arm.

Check out your chain. You should at least give it a good cleaning and lubing.

Make sure you have some adjustment left on the adjusting snail.

Tire information should be on the label on the fender.

If you go with a paper filter make sure it's the correct one.. It must have "4" holes on the end...

Read all the pinned section on maint service page. Very helpful.

Good luck and have fun. OMM.
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