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Quick, Cheap, Effective (emphasis on cheap)

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During my CDI testing and diagnosis, somehow I managed to bust the kickstarter on my TW. The splined shaft from the motor was fine, but the cast kicker busted right where it comes out of the hollow portion that slides on the splines. Must have had my spinach that morning.

I needed the kicker due to dead battery (pushed the bike home) -- But also did not want it permanently in the "out" position so as to spear my leg or something in a crash...

Here was my quick(10min) and cheap($0) fix:

I took a piece of pipe and cut it to like 3.5-4" long and then smashed it oval with a hammer. hit it with the grinder to make it fit "just right" on what was left of the kicker still on the splines and burn that sucker in. The other end of the kicker that busted off just drops right in and you are good to start the bike. Take it out and put it in the tailbag after starting the bike.

Some may find my methods barbarian, but perhaps they are just utilitarian?

Whatcha got? My budget is less than shoe-string and love to see what others have come up with
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I save on theft insurance by always parking between a Harley and a BMW.

Talk about bringing down property values!!
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