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r***p( 10) Mr. Sniper

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I just won another TW200, after waiting for 7 days with no activity, and a Sniper tried (unsuccessfully) with 45 seconds to get it.

Has anyone else experienced this ??

is it possible, is it ethical, for potential TW buyers to try to communicate BEFORE the final 60 seconds ?

I have almost acquired my 20 TW's I was hoping to have to open a shop in the Caribbean on the Island of St john ..

almost there !

The bike came with a larger plastic fuel tank, aftermarket exhaust, and the original stock items as well !

it also came with the road tires, which I much prefer !

I am sorry, Mr. Sniper, you did not win this bike !

There are two more already on eBay !

Best of luck, ..

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Snipers are a fact of life, at both "in person" and online auctions. Just be happy you won if you actually wanted it.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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